Cloud Placemat - Baby Bar & Co.

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Dining out can go back to being fun and stress free, even when you bring the kids! These placemats help contain the messes and help to create happy, stress-free meal times! These mats are created with raised edges to help contain messes whether the kids are playing or eating. 

These cloud shaped placemats are made from eco-friendly 100% food grade silicone. 

Travel friendly, can be quickly folded or rolled to save space

Dishwasher safe. Just rinse and wipe clean in warm water or put on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 

Soft, Waterproof & lightweight! No BPA or PVC

Baby Bar & Co. is so proud to offer our amazing dishwasher safe and travel friendly BPA free, medical & food grade, & phthalate free silicone placemats!