Dabble Ducky Toy - Dabble & Dollop

The only ducky bath toy made in the USA*, thanks to our collaboration with The Good Duck®. Our Dabble Ducky is phthalate, BPA, and importantly, latex-free and made out of recyclable materials.  Top shelf dishwasher safe, odor free, recyclable and floats upright in the tub!

The absolute safest (and cutest) Award Winning ducky for infants and children with latex allergies. 


*Did you know?  Rubber Duckies were first made in the USA in the 1800’s yet over time virtually all production moved to Asia and North Africa.  Yep, some of today's most popular duck toys have to swim all the way from Africa! The Good Duck is based in California and is the only remaining domestic producer of bath duckies!


Is Dabble Ducky truly all natural? Yes. Dabble Ducky is made using only natural ingredients derived from natural and sustainable produced plant sources such as Coconut Oil, RSPO Palm Oil and Jojoba. The process to manufacture every ingredient is state-of-the-art, using only natural ingredients. There are no synthetic  materials or solvents used in any processing whatsoever. 

Is Dabble Ducky suitable for infant eczema? Yes, absolutely. Our formulas are designed for the very unique needs of delicate infant skin and compromised skin conditions such as eczema. We followed the guidelines for ingredients set forth by the NEA (National Eczema Association). In 2023, when they reopen their certification program, we will gain their seal of approval. We also conducted clinical testing with dermatologist oversight to confirm our products are indeed hypoallergenic and non-irritating. 

Why should I use Dabble Ducky instead of other baby brands? The Dabble Ducky regimen supports, strengthens, hydrates, and moisturizes the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin which is 30% thinner in infant skin at birth). We support the skin barrier function by using a proprietary beta-glucan, Beta-Baby™️, which performs as a mega-hydrator and acts as an invisible shield against environmental toxins. We also use less ingredients, thus reducing unnecessary exposures to unwarranted ingredients. Our founder, unlike any other baby brand founder, is an actual ingredient expert. Ingredients should be the most important factor in your buying decision

Is your Dabble Ducky really the ONLY US made teether/bath toy? And, why is it the safest? Yes, our Dabble Ducky is the only US made duck. We collaborated with The Good Duck™️, who is the last standing producer in the United States. Most baby bath toy/teethers you find in the US are made in North Africa, where GMP is quite different. Dabble Ducky is also the safest because virtually all other bath teethers are made using latex which is one of the most common allergens. These brands cleverly hide that fact.