Outer + Swim Cover Diaper - Esembly


A waterproof cloth diaper cover that layers over our absorbent Inner to make a blowout-proof diaper. Can also be used on its own as a reusable swim diaper.

Esembly cloth diapers are made up of two products: an absorbent Inner organic cotton fitted diaper (sold separately) and a waterproof Outer diaper cover. They work together to make a blowout-proof cloth diaper!

The Outer snaps on your baby right over the Inner cotton diaper. The Outer is the part of the cloth diaper that provides the containment, if anything sneaks past the Inner you can rest assured it won’t go beyond the Outer.

Outers come in two trim-fitting sizes and are designed to grow with your baby. Two rows of snaps at the waist allow you to adjust the size of the waist independently from the openings at the legs. This enables you to get a perfect fit on babies with big round bellies and skinny legs, and vice versa.

Even better, Outers can be used as reusable swim diapers! Simply put just the Outer on your baby (with no Inner or absorbent material inside) and you're ready for the water.

Our Outer cloth diaper covers are not just cute, they're innovative! Our exclusive fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles and it's unique structure allows for optimal heat and vapor transmission (which basically means that they provide maximum breathability, keeping your baby comfortable longer).

How many do I need? For full-time cloth diapering of a newborn we recommend having 24-30 Inner cloth diapers (sold separately) and 6-8 cloth Outer cloth diaper covers.

Size 1: fits babies weighing approx 7-17 lbs
Size 2: fits babies weighing approx 18-35 lbs

MADE OF Outers are made of 100% upcycled polyester TPU (derived from recycled plastic bottles). Our unique fabric is GRS and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Free of lead, BPA, PVC, and phthalates, our fabric is independently tested to meet both US and EU Standards for Food Safety (not that you eat out of your diaper covers, but you could if you wanted to!).

Put a fresh Inner cotton diaper on your baby at each change.

Cover the Inner with a waterproof Outer diaper cover to complete the diaper.

We recommend changing an awake baby every 2-3 hours, or immediately if poop is detected.

To accommodate long nighttime sleep stretches, boost the absorbency of your cloth diaper with an Overnighter absorbency booster.

Unlike the Inner, the Outer does not require laundering after each use. During the diaper change, quickly inspect the cover to make sure it isn’t soiled. If it is, place it in your Day Bag, Ditty Bag or Pail Pouch for laundering. If the Outer is clean, reuse it with a fresh Inner. If the Outer is damp to the touch, set it aside to dry and use a fresh Outer before reuse. You can continue to rotate between non-soiled covers until your next laundry day—at which point we recommend giving your Outers a proper wash with your Inners and our Washing Powder.

Follow our step-by-step Esembly Wash Instructions to launder. Machine drying recommended.

Because you don’t need a fresh Outer with each diaper change and you’ll do laundry every 2-3 days, you’ll only need 6-8 total.