Hammerhead's Conflict Resolution Kin Set - Slumberkins

Promotes: Conflict Resolution, Emotional Regulation, Responsibility

Meet Hammerhead, your child's friend for navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of Conflict Resolution. Hammerhead helps children understand that it's okay to feel big emotions and provides tools for taking care of them, as well as practical advice for resolving conflicts constructively. Hammerhead Kin introduces new concepts on conflict management and brings lessons on problem-solving to life. Each story is crafted to teach effective communication skills in a fun and engaging way, making learning about big feelings fun.

Included in the set are:

  • Hammerhead Mad’s Not Bad" Board Book: This story instills positive core beliefs that help children understand that feeling mad isn't bad, and that emotions are natural responses that can be noticed and expressed healthily.

  • Hammerhead’s Recess Challenge" Board Book: This sotry story teaches emotional skills for conflict resolution, showing them how to navigate disagreements and restore peace effectively.

  • Hammerhead Kin: A cuddly companion that brings to life the lessons from the conflict resolution books, providing a comforting presence that reminds children of the strategies they've learned for handling emotions and conflicts.

Hammerhead is great for:

  • De-shaming anger and learning how to work with it

  • Teaching effective conflict resolution techniques 

  • Tantrums and Coping strategies to calm

  • Sibling and Peer conflict

  • Perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or Holiday gifts for children of all ages!

Together, this set uses foundational messages kids need to hear and examples of how to apply the practical strategies in their own lives to help children build skills for Conflict Resolution. The Hammerhead Kin and Board Books on Conflict Resolution set is more than just a toy—it's an educational tool that empowers little ones to understand their emotions and gain coping skills that can grow with them throughout their life. 

Simple tools for a lifetime of benefits.