Tossers (100 pack) - Esembly

Biodegradable cloth diaper liners give you an ick-free way to discard the solid poop before laundering your cloth diapers.

While your baby is on a liquid diet (breastmilk or formula), there is no need for Tossers. Once your baby starts eating 2-3 solid meals per day, Tossers will become your new best friend. Our Tossers liners provide you with an ick-free way to remove the poop from your cloth diapers before washing.

Tossers are tissue thin (they add no bulk to your cloth diaper), super soft against baby's skin and are fully biodegradable.

If you prefer a reusable, washable option please check out our Stay-Dry Liners.


Line your Inner cloth diaper with a fresh Tosser at each diaper change. When soiled, discard the liner along with the mess its collected and wash your cloth diaper Inners and Outers as usual.

Tossers can be discarded in the trash, or in some cases flushed down the toilet. If flushing, please note that while they are biodegradable, flushing any product (other than toilet paper) can cause blockage in some plumbing systems. Use your discretion. Tossers are not septic safe.

100 liners per roll

Made of:
100% bamboo viscose

7" x 11"