Yetis Doodle + Go Book - Jaq Jaq Bird

Where mystical creatures meet the natural wonders of the world!

Have you heard of a frozen lake bubble, lenticular clouds, rainbow trees, blue lava volcano, aurora borealis, and moonbows? Believe it or not, these are some of the cool natural wonders of our world! Look around and see the glorious nature around you and rediscover the world in nature together!

Let us rediscover NATURE together through our newest series, the Timeless Wonder capsule. Explore, imagine and learn with our Timeless Wonder erasable books, containing blank styles featuring the natural wonder of our world and mystical creatures allowing children to learn about it through our e-guide!

All Timeless Wonder erasable books come paired with an educational, interactive e- guide to the natural wonder and mystical creature and one set of four ButterStix®. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to erase, and create over and over again. Ideal for children 3 years & up. 

Fun, mess-free coloring
Compact, flexible & lightweight
Erasable & reusable, reducing waste
Simply wipe clean with damp cloth
Set of 4 non-toxic ButterStix® included
8" x 8" when folded

--  Wishy Wash Markers and additional ButterStix chalk (colored and white) are available and great additions to pair with your new doodle book !