Checkerboard Waterproof Wet Bag - Bapron

The BapronBaby Wet Bag features a super soft zippered pouch with two compartments for separated wet/dry storage.  The Waterproof Wet Bag is made with love to keep wet stuff wet, and dry stuff dry!

Measures 11"x9" with two waterproof pockets to separate wet/dry. 

+ Great for storing all of your toddler mealtime products
+ Snap wristlet attaches onto a stroller handle or suitcase for snacks and baby necessities on-the-go
+ Makes a perfect mama makeup bag or a travel clutch
+ Suitable for storing cloth diapers and baby accessories
+ Holds up to two swimsuits in a single pocket (to keep separate from keys/phone)
+ so much more!


Care Instructions: Machine Wash and dry no more than 6 hours after wet use to avoid mold/mildew.  Allow bag to dry completely between uses, and machine wash/dry with both zippers open to allow proper cleaning.  Do not leave wet overnight.